Oppose Betsy Devos as Secretary of Education

Billionare Betsy Devos was nominated by Trump as Secretary of Education, though she's an extremely controversial pick as she has no experience in education but her family has given roughly $200 million to the Republican Party. BBC stated of her "she has no relevant credentials or experience for a job setting standards and guiding dollars for the nation's public schools."

Other facts to know about her:

  1. She's clearly stated that she intends to direct public school funds to private schools
  2. She sits on the board of organizations that deny evolution and climate change.
  3. Her family poured $1.45 million into an effort to prevent Michigan from adding oversight for charter schools. Deregulation of schools is major priority for her
  4. The American Association of People with Disabilities said it was "very concerned" that she seemed "unfamiliar with the Idea and the protections it provides to students with disabilities".
  5. She beleives firearms should be allowed, if not encouraged, in schools.

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I'm calling to express my deep opposition to the confirmation of Betsy DeVos for Secretary of Education. I think she is incredibly unqualified for the job and hope that my Senator will vote no on her confirmation.

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